Sunny Melon and Orange Sweet Smoothie!

ourproduce_cantaloupe Breakfast doesn’t get any easier than this!

All you need is a blender, a particular craving in mind, a selection of fruits and veggies in your fridge and 5-10 minutes of your time ! When I woke up today I felt like having something happy, bright, invigorating, refreshing and YELLOW* for my breakkie !  *Yellow, because I wanted to colour-coordinate with today’s sunny weather:). Not. jk 🙂

So this delicious recipe was spontaneously created before I had to run to work this morning. And it turned out to be soooo good that I came back from work and made exactly the same smoothie again! Just couldn’t get enough of it!! 🙂


Sweet Cantaloupe Melon; Orange; Banana; Coconut Water (I used the one with a pineapple flavour), Fresh or Frozen Mint Leaves and Oat Bran (optional add-in).



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