Peach & Melon Energy Boosting Smoothie


A great filling and energizing smoothie for breakfast!

A must – have smoothie especially if you work in the office environment. 

I’ve created and devoted this recipe to my special friend who happen to feel tired, unfocused and sleepy at work and has low energy levels that need to be picked up asap.

*Side note interesting fact: Peaches are a great powerfood, and have been considered a symbol of immortality and friendship in ancient China.

I’ve included the following healthy ingredients that fortify your heath and immediately fuel your body with energy:

Peach, Melon (Cantaloupe), Almond Milk, Oats, Hemp seeds, Chia seeds, Hazel nuts, Coconut Oil, and Nutmeg powder.


The health benefits of these ingredients are countless, I’ll just name a few, the most relevant to my friend’s condition:

Peaches: peaches make you feel full, they relieve stress and anxiety and calm an upset stomach

Melon (Cantaloupe): is a nutritional standout; it provides this recipe with a broad spectrum of nutrients as well as prevents oxidative stress and excessive inflammation

Oats: provide numerous cardiovascular and digestive benefits, and stabilize blood sugar

Hemp Seeds: are small but mighty, they have the most concentrated balance of proteins, essential fats, vitamins and enzymes. They prevent fatigue and provide relief from insomnia. Hemp seeds are a great source of protein, aid digestion, aid in weight management, boost immune system, and strengthen bones

Chia Seeds: they are rich in fiber and protein and are prized for their ability to provide sustainable energy

Coconut Oil: helps you burn fat, and kills hunger, making you eat less without even trying. The fatty acids in coconut oil boost brain function

Nutmeg Powder: aids sleep. Its minerals keep your immune system strong. It aids digestion and keeps your brain sharp



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