Green Grapes and Mint Refreshing Smoothie


Credit for the following blissful smoothie recipe goes to my friend Sheila .Thank you so much for sharing!

It’s a very light, fresh and healthy green grapes smoothie. A perfect hydrating and refreshing post-yoga or post-workout drink! Just a word of caution: adding grapes to your smoothie might make you like it more than vino! Oops  Grapes aid in slowing down the aging process, rich in Vitamin C, low in calories and high in hydration. In addition, grapes naturally sweeten your smoothie. Usually, smoothies with grapes are not very thick in texture. Adding chia seeds could be a good solution that will thicken your smoothie and add some extra protein, fiber and Omega-3.

Ingredients to blend:

green grapes (seedless), strawberries, spinach, banana, fresh mint, chia seeds, goji berries, filtered water.




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