A Healthy Tropical Dessert Smoothie Recipe


This is a great Healthy Dessert Smoothie that I’ve created in order to satisfy the cravings of my sweet tooth. It makes for a perfect yummy light breakfast and tastes like a Tropical mango pineapple cinnamon pie, only liquid!

Ingredients to blend:

Pineapple Juice, Greek Pineapple Yogurt, Coconut Milk, Chiquita (baby) Bananas (they are usually sweeter than the regular bananas), Mango, Cinnamon.

Smoothie Special Health Benefits:

Jackfruit: I’ve decorated the glass with a piece of edible raw jackfruit bulb. This tropical fruit is rich in Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium (crucial to activating muscles, nerves and energy in your body), Calcium (aids in the formation and maintenance of strong bones and healthy teeth), and Folate (aids in the red blood cells formation).

Cinnamon: Studies show that cinnamon maybe the solution for blood sugar control, weight loss, cancer prevention and much more.

Banana: When it comes to nutrition bananas rule the produce department. They are a great source of Potassium, Folate, Magnesium, Dietary Fiber (responsible for regulation of bowel movements) and Vitamin C (helps the body develop resistance against infections and fight the harmful oxygen-free radicals).

Mango: Provides 25% of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin A, which has antioxidant properties and essential for vision. It’s contains high levels of Potassium (which plays a role in your every heartbeat and is an important component to help control your heart rate and blood pressure).



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